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Meet the Master Craftsman, Dennis Nofchissey

I began making jewelry at 18 years old.  Winston Mason, a Master Silversmith, gave me an opportunity to work and learn in his professional workshop and business he owned in Springville, Utah.  While producing concerts and since the 2002 Winter Olympics, have sold my jewelry to many celebrities  and wealthy people such as Suzanne Somers, Merle Haggard, John Conley, Freddie Fender, and Al Roker from NBC’s “Today” morning show, among others.  Later, I was asked to make jewelry for Suzanne Somers for an HBO movie she starred in.  In my over 27 years of jewelry making, have enjoyed crafting jewelry of my own designs, creations, patterns, and imagination.  Have not only mastered the art of creating jewelry in silver, but in gold as well.

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