About Dine Native Arts

Custom Native American Jewelry
and Art

Dine Native Arts features fine bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings, concho belts or whatever you can imagine. We always have a variety of gem stones in stock and we are happy to design your new jewelry in silver or gold.

Design Your Own Jewelry

Work with Navajo Master Craftsman Dennis Nofchissey to design your own piece(s). Dennis has worked with many clients to build unique pieces that fit their personality.

Fun fact on custom designs. Dennis was hired to craft a ring for Suzanne Sommers in the 1994 TV movie “Seduced By Evil”. Sadly, the movie was a bomb, but Suzanne loved the ring and took Dennis out to lunch!

The Dine Native Arts Community

In the near future we will be featuring up and coming Native American artists. To learn more about this program, or to recommend a talented young person, click here to sign up for news we release in the future. We won’t spam you or share your information with anyone.